Oct 152014

Feedback by K.G. of Central Louisiana
October 14, 2014

Wow, this is very interesting! I really don’t believe this really happened. I can believe that he was framed because the whites back then in Avoyelles Parish were very prejudice and most are still. You didn’t hear any of this back in the day. In fact I went to school with these twins Karen and Sharon. We were in the same classes throughout the schools years. I always wondered why they never returned back to school. Small world of wonder! I think he should get a new trial. Framed!

Oct 142014

Thanks for voting! Please, share this poll widely! Let’s see, if we can get 1000 voices to speak up for Vincent Simmons’ cause here on Facebook. Of course, I also welcome people who are of the opinion that Vincent Simmons is guilty. BUT, if you say so, I want you to explain with proof why you think he raped or attempted to rape his alleged victims. I am here to challenge you. Can you challenge me?

This might interest you as well:
Case summary with documents on the Innocent in Prison Project International website at http://cases.iippi.org/vincent-alfred-simmons/

Current District Judge of Avoyelles Parish voted to keep Vincent Simmons incarcerated. See our online discussion and what he bases his opinion on at vincentsimmons.iippi.org/2011/07/29/online-discussion-with-judge-mark-jeansonne/

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