Jun 042011

Why is law not a subject in school as, for instance, a nation’s official language, math, and history? We have to obey the law, but we are not taught the law. We have duties and rights, but we frequently do not know them. The science of law is still a closed book to the majority of all people worldwide. The internet is a great library and one can look up laws online, but who does it?

I served as a witness in civil court a few days ago. When I attended the hearing, the judge said to one of the parties that it is not a court’s or its staff’s job to inform people about the law. He was right. But who teaches us what we are supposed to know? Nobody asked this question. Everyone present probably understood that there are lawyers to consult.

Of course, one could boost legal businesses by running to law firms each time one wants to inquire about technicalities. But who can afford that? Would it not be better to learn the basics about our legal system in school – before the first students drop out? They, in particular, will very likely not be able to pay an attorney’s hourly wage in the future.

Time limitations to file this and that in court, and how to file it “correctly,” i.e. according to the law, is essential to know. Because, if you are right but not paying attention to the technicalities or “rules,” most judges will hold your ignorance against you and deny your cause. That is the paradox.

The judge agreed that the gap between the law and humane justice or morals can be very big, but he explained that his job is to apply the law. Bureaucracy complicates a lot at times, and it does not always make sense, let alone justice.

Apr 182011

Former long-term Avoyelles Parish District Attorney “Eddie” Knoll and his wife, current Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Jeannette Theriot Knoll, prosecuted Vincent Simmons for two counts of aggravated rape in 1977.

One week ago, the married couple lost the oldest of its five children. Triston Kane Knoll (June 4, 1971-April 8, 2011), a very eager and hard working attorney, died in Alexandria, Louisiana, at the young age of 39. The Avoyelles Today reported.

One of the Honorary Pallbearers was Freeman Ford. He had been District Attorney Eddie Knoll’s administrative assistant and one of the key players in Simmons’ case, who have remained in the background.


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