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  1. My grandson Charlie Brown caught seizure today Sunday 09/03/202/17 . Because he always catch seizure,so I guard beat him because he caught a seizure I need for the Wharton at Ellen hunts Correctional Center to call me.. all the immate witness the beating .Why da did bring him to the hospital..

  2. Katja-Thanks for your website,and dedication to Vincent’s freedom. I first learned about his case 10 years ago by watching film:the Farm… Because of the police ridiculous account of the interrogation[that vincent,while in handcuffs, was able to grab a gun from a policeman],I recognized immediately his innocence,and decided to get involved…; have corresponded with him regularly.He wrote me 2 months ago,and said-still waiting for a retrial.. Do you know of any recent developments in his case? John Moran

    • Hi John, Thanks for your message and support! Yes, Vincent told me the same, but he did not share any recent motion with me. So I do not know any details either. I personally think that it is not very likely that the trial court grants him a retrial without an order from a higher court. I keep looking out for court decisions and as soon as I know something, I will post it on this website and on the IIPPI forum.
      Katja Pumm

  3. Hello,
    I just stumbled upon this website when I was searching for info on my sites. I see that the article says that the ACLU has been asking all of the candidates to acknowledge this issue!

    I have been pondering for some time what I will do on my 2nd day in Office as Governor of the Great State of Louisiana if in fact I am elected.

    I had made up my mind to visit all of the prisons to see first hand the conditions. And now you have opened up my eyes to another issue that should recieve my attention!

    I will contact the ACLU tomorrow and inquire as to why they have not contacted me on this issue.

    I will take a stand! Prisoners are Louisiana Citizens too!


    Eric Paul Orgeron
    Candidate for Governor

    • Thank you very much, Mr. Orgeron, for your unexpected comment on this website and your good will. You are certainly more than busy with a tight scedule, but actions speak louder than words and (empty) promises. I welcome what you say.

      I am neither from Louisiana, nor from the USA, but I always encourage people everywhere to embrace the right to vote. Over here in Germany, also prisoners may elect. If the large number of convicts in your state was not desenfranchised, they would have the potential to tip the scales. Count in their relatives and friends and you probably have more than 50% of all voters in Louisiana, who might vote for you.

      Would it not be worth it to make contact with those people now, i.e. before election day?

  4. I have watched the documentary and it absolutely 100% outraged me! Not only did those 3 arrogant pious men not hear him out or take into account any new evidence that the woman is clearly a bigot is disgusting. Yes rape is a traumatic offence but to go in there and play the helpless victim and to play the helpless woman card was a total set back for all of us feminist movement people have worked so hard for. You can only see yourself as a victim for so long. Those 3 men not only didn’t ask her if she sought counselling but she flat out proved she was a racist and his evidence had Merritt when she said she was afraid of the black man simply bc he was black. Rape is rape and I would be afraid of all men. It shows she probably said it. Police brutality goes on everywhere and I no doubt believe they shot him and covered it up! They never looked or considered his new evidence. Clearly he isn’t the same man going into Angola, he has managed to educate himself and rise above all of the ugliness there to make himself a better person. Isn’t that what parole is about rising to another state of being to be able to function in society as a safe, productive and contributing member??? I think he has proved himself in ways people outside of prison who have the luxuries to do so and don’t. That woman should be ashamed for playing the victim and poor pathetic me card. He hasn’t and he’s the one who is stuck in prison everyday.

    Furthermore a proper pathologist or forensic expert would have known to put away samples to be studied ie for DNA or other testing that would come up or exist eventually. So where is the rape kit? Where is the clothing she was wearing? Where is the evidence that should be locked away for further analysis when available. I am a chemtech by trade and have taken many medical courses and this is just forensics 101. This in itself should demand a mistrial. I would demand to see the evidence that should have been properly stored…if not they have some explaining to do.
    Please feel free to contact me if there is any way to help

    • Abby, thank you very much for your thoughtful comment. I wish there were more of your kind. Just to quickly answer your question: In the 1970s, there was no DNA technology yet. No physical evidence was kept, because there has never been any. It is just Vincent Simmons’ word vs. the alleged victims’ and their cousin’s word. While Simmons can prove he was set up, the state cannot prove his guilt. Innocence alone is no ticket to freedom in the USA. When you read the book Louisiana v. Vincent Simmons: Frame-up in Avoyelles Parish, you discover more about the background.

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