Feb 172015

Today, Vincent Simmons is celebrating his 63rd birthday-the 38th in prison for crimes he can prove he did not commit. He does not ask for gifts. There is only one humble wish he wants to come true:

In a circular, he begs his supporters for “put[ing] aside any past disagreements, or ill feelings toward each other” and to reunite.

He writes, “We all need to get behind the book” Louisiana v. Vincent Simmons: Frame-up in Avoyelles Parish, because it “represents my team’s most positive and powerful force for change.”

“Together, we will win, but divided we will lose!”

Open the circular letter here!

The Misconception About Support

  4 Responses to “Vincent Simmons is begging his supporters”

  1. I grew up in Mansura, La and went to school in Marksville, La back in the 60 to 73 and for a white person to call you a nigger or accuse you do something you did not and for them get away whit it was let to to the rest room. Those white folks in Mansura and Markville was nothing but pig and dogs

  2. I saw the documentary about this guy ages ago, I can’t believe he is still in prison. Are they still trying to get him out?

  3. Wow I am so sorry this has happened to you I know Louisiana has harsh sentences but I feel that you’re an innocent man and you have spent 38 years of your life behind prison bars for a crime you did not commit, I want to lend my hand and help you get your freedom back, my uncle and cousin where in Angola I have came to the plantation on several times to visit them, my cousin spent 42 years in Angola and he is now free for an armed robbery charge when he was 17, my uncle was convicted of rape and served 51 years in Angola and he was Innocent. I myself am from New Orleans but since Hurricane Katrina I reside in San Francisco California, watching you on the documentary the farm going into the parole board hearing brought tears to my eyes, I know what it is to have your freedom taken I was once incarcerated myself and sent to simsport for petty theft but I don’t know what it feels like if you’re really innocent because I was guilty! may God be with you on this journey to fight for freedom I am down with you my brother!!

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