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After an interview with Karen Sanders and her twin sister Sharon Chism, there is another newspaper article by the Town Talk with no news about the victims’ point of view.

Simmons’ victims vow to continue fight
By Melissa Gregory | mgregory@thetowntalk.com | (318) 792-1807 7:12 p.m. CST December 31, 2014
http://www.thetowntalk.com/story/news/l … /21130275/

Both women say all three were interviewed separately, and Sharon said that the infamous “all blacks look alike” quote was a way of keeping the secret.

When the girls reported the crime on May 22, 1977, Sheriff “Potch” Didier interviewed them separately (i.e. one after the other), but they were and stayed in the same room together all the time. Each one of them should have been interviewed alone, i.e. without having the sister by the side, in order to avoid mutual influencing.

Interestingly, they are still interviewed together and handled as a double pack nowadays. There is no Sharon without Karen.

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  1. Wow Amy your clearly not as educated as your seemingly portraying yourself to be here. I say this based off the that fact that you have formed your opinion quite literally on the word of two women which is ridiculous. I am about 100% sure you would be seriously aggrieved if someone turned around tomorrow and accused one of your family members of raping them. I would also suspect you would believe them just because they said it and identified them and were very emotional about the fact, right? I mean if we go by your logic we should convict people and jail them for 100 years based on precisely that.
    Also I have read this thread 3 times just to find where someone called the “victims” as you call them “white bitches”.
    I personally have no sympathy for the two women simply because I have been raped and I know the experience and trauma you go through. I can tell you one thing for sure, I would NEVER be able to over-dramatize the experience for the sake of making money from selling books. I also didn’t feel the book “Rape” spoke to me at all and did not even seem sincere. I am appalled that even one of the sisters may lie about being raped is actually disgusting and I am seriously offended as a woman, a real victim of such an offence and generally just as a human being. I actually think whichever of the two sisters was a virgin and therefore clearly lied should be sent to prison for taking so much of a mans life away and making a mockery of such a crime.
    Lastly I also found it hilarious how one of the sisters SUDDENLY was able to “forgive” Simmons AFTER she used the publicity to sell a RUBBISH book and make however much money she did off it. I also found it funny how both sisters had a totally different approach to the trauma they supposedly experienced on the second addition of the documentary. I somehow assume it has something (everything) to do with the negative comments they had after the first documentary released and probably did not want to come across as COMPLETE racists. All of a sudden they are praying for him and pity him I wonder what changed in them in the 10 years since the first documentary aired.
    Its simple they were apparently scared of all “black men” even 20 years after he was incarcerated and then a documentary is aired in which details of his case are made public and we hear the evidence he has in his defense, coupled with their clearly racist remarks and people are doubting their story. So they go back 10 years later when the documentary crew re-visit the prison Simmons is in and all of a sudden they are all open to forgiveness and seem more sympathetic to his troubles so they don’t look like the racists they really are.
    This was a long one but this case has angered me to no ends as its clear to me the women are abusing the justice system and their positions as “victims” which makes life a lot harder for REAL victims. They should be ashamed of themselves and tell the ACTUAL truth. Maybe THINK about the women they are harming who have to go through this in real life and how it makes it harder for us when we try to come forward with what we have experienced.

  2. Amy, you are the only person talking about “bitches” here and I just keep your rude comment online in order to demonstrate how harsh and unobjective “discussions” can be.

    The same goes for you, William James! You do not help Vincent Simmons at all by spreading untruths and offending the victims. I do not agree with you and I distance myself from your comment except for the fact that there is no physical or forensic evidence that Vincent Simmons is a rapist.

  3. Vincent Simmons is guilty – period. He knows what he did. I feel sorry for those of you stupid enough to believe him. He should stay in prison until he admits what he did. And for all you referring to the victims as “white bitches”, you’d be crying “racist!!!” if someone were to refer to y’all as “black bitches”. So, shut the hell up. Simmons did it. Leave your daughters alone with him.

    • Well, why don’t you provide to me any physical, forensic as well as hair samples of Vincent Simmons that was found in their car. Their was non because the rape never took place, the twins had sex with their cousin and they lied so that their cousin will not be suspended from the Navy. Vincent Simmons is innocent and would never rape those ugly twins. I do believe that one of the twins died, may she rot in hell.

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