Nov 252014

Cameron Tillman, 14-year-old boy shot, killed by Terrebonne deputy. HOUMA, LA (WVUE)

Every year, the FBI releases numbers of police killed and assaulted, but there are no official numbers of police shootings, let alone a Police Offenders Registry. Now in the aftermath of the killing of an unarmed African American teenager in Ferguson (Missouri), this might change at last.

Vincent Simmons was shot by a sheriff deputy when he refused to confess to a crime he had not committed. The officer has never been held accountable for his misconduct so far.

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  2 Responses to “Need for statistics of police shootings”

  1. wow, yes, that is logical, did not confess so was shot. Is ANYBODY stupid enough to believe this? The man who shot Vincent (Detective R. Laborde) is just lucky that when Vincent grabbed Det. M. Villemarette’s gun and tried to kill Det. Villemarette and Det. R. Laborde, Detective Villemarette’s gun jammed !!! Otherwise, Vincent would have killed both detectives.

    Now, now, now Vincent — TELL THE TRUTH !!!

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